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Haruhiko GOTO Laboratory
About Us

Since April, 1994 The Goto Laboratory has continued research in the field of Urban and Regional landscape through both the Urban and Regional Planning perspective.

The urban and regional landscape mentioned here is perceived not only as the visual landscape but the cultural, historical and social layers within the landscape.

In another words this can be defined as "lifescape", and includes the landscape represented through the peoples lifestyle and social structure which supports this. Urban design is approached from the visual form, where as regional planning is approached from the societal structure.

With this in perspective, the laboratory has made discoveries through traditional cultural anthropological field work, and has developed theories such as, "Machidukuri Game of Life" and "Machidukuri Oral History". These theories are developed on the lifestyle of the region and

As we enter the age of the shrinking society, a new correspondence to urban and regional landscape is needed to fit the societal change occurring in Japan.

Although Machidukuri has tended to become fragmented we hope to comprehend and expriment with various local governances, in order to create a more lively urban and regional landscape.